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Only At Borgman: Every New Mazda Gets a FREE 20-Year 200,000 Mile Warranty

April 7th, 2017


How Would It Feel To Drive Your New Mazda Vehicle Completely Free From Worry?

Borgman Mazda has some exciting news for our customers in Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Only at Borgman, Every New Mazda Vehicle we sell will include a FREE 20-Year, 200,000 Mile Warranty! If you’ve been thinking about buying a new Mazda or making a trade, there’s never been a better time to visit Borgman – West Michigan’s Exclusive Mazda Dealer.

The B-Free Borgman Mazda Warranty is backed by an “A” rated insurance company and administrator, and is provided by Nationwide Warranty Services. It covers the engine, transmission and other critical parts such as the axle shafts, wheel bearings, All-Wheel Drive components and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrate Borgman’s Redcoat Traditions With Us This Holiday Season!

December 14th, 2018

If you have a new vehicle on your holiday shopping list and you’re looking for a great deal and excellent service, visit Borgman Ford Mazda at 28th & Ivanrest in Grand Rapids, MI. This month we’re celebrating our mission of Value • Service • Price during our Redcoat Tradition Holiday Sale. Come and save with best prices of 2018 across our lineup, with even bigger savings on hand-picked inventory.

Borgman has been offering Fair & Square deals since 1960 and was founded on the assertion that car dealers could be successful without sacrificing their integrity. All these later, we’ve never dreamed of changing that policy and we’re still family-owned and operated. We continue to offer the best deals and value on our New and Used inventory.

Creating a Better Way to Buy New & Used Vehicles in Grand Rapids, MI

We recently added a page to our site that explains how and why Borgman became known as “The Home of the Redcoats.” It’s more than a dress code though. We go into detail about they became a symbol for Fred Borgman’s vision of making the car buying process honest and transparent. Read the rest of this entry »

2019 Ford Ranger: The Most Fuel-Efficient Midsize Truck in America

December 12th, 2018

While we patiently wait for the All-New 2019 Ford Ranger to arrive at the Borgman Ford Showroom in Grand Rapids, MI, we’re pleased to share some exciting news. The EPA fuel estimates are in for next year, and the New Ranger is the most fuel-efficient gas-powered mid-size pickup in America.

This recent article from the Official Ford Media Center explains more about how the Ford Ranger accomplished these efficiency numbers without compromising on power, capability, or “Built Ford Tough” quality. Take a look in these excerpts below: Read the rest of this entry »

U.S. News & World Report Awards Mazda “Best Car Brand” for the Fourth Consecutive Year

December 7th, 2018

Borgman Mazda is pleased to share with West Michigan Mazda fans this exciting bit of news. U.S. News & World Report has named Mazda their Best Car Brand of 2019, and it’s the fourth year in a row the organization has awarded Mazda that title!

Every year, the U.S. News & World Report pulls together reviews from auto journalists, safety info, reliability data, and more to form the basis of their awards. For 2019, Mazda was crowned the winner of their Best Car Brand segment, with U.S. News citing “engaging driving dynamics, accommodating seats, user-friendly technology, and upscale cabin designs at a reasonable price” as the basis for their decision.

This article from InsideMazda tells more about the award, and thanks the hard-working individuals that make Mazda vehicles the incredible machines they are. If you haven’t experienced what it’s like to drive a Mazda, take a look at some excerpts from the article below, and visit our showroom in Grand Rapids to take one for a spin! Read the rest of this entry »

A Look Inside Ford’s New, Leading-Edge Manufacturing Center

December 6th, 2018

Borgman Ford in Grand Rapids is always interested in learning about the latest advancements and innovations coming out of Ford. Whether these emerging technologies will be included in Ford vehicles for West Michiganders to enjoy, or play a part in their manufacturing and design, Ford has always operated from a position of leadership in the industry.

Recently, Ford opened their brand new $45 million dollar Advanced Manufacturing Center in Michigan. Inside, they’re experimenting with 3D printers, augmented and virtual reality, and robotics to find new ways to make the factories that build Ford Vehicles safer and more efficient. This article on the Official Ford Media Center gives us a glimpse behind the curtain – take a look at some excerpts below: Read the rest of this entry »

Borgman How To: Understanding How Winter Tires Work

November 30th, 2018

We’ve already had our first major snowfall in West Michigan this season, and we hope everyone made it to their destinations safely. It’s probably not a stretch to say some of us had some trouble getting traction from a stop, going around corners, or braking downhill. There are some driving tips here that might help as a refresher, but the biggest factor in being able to maneuver in the snow and ice isn’t all-wheel drive, it’s your tires. In this Borgman How To, we’ll teach you everything a smart West Michigan shopper needs to know about winter tires including how they’re formulated, designed, and perform. Read the rest of this entry »

Mazda Unveils the All-New 2019 Mazda3 – Coming to Grand Rapids Next Year

November 28th, 2018

Borgman Mazda is very pleased to share the unveiling of the 2019 Mazda3 with Mazda fans in Grand Rapids and West Michigan. The reveal took place last night at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, and there’s certainly a lot to talk about. Apart from the top-to-bottom improvements over the previous generation, there are three big things to talk about. The All-New 2019 Mazda3’s exterior is the first we’ve seen that has blended the KODO Design with the Kai Concept we saw last year at the Tokyo Auto Show. The result is what you see in the image above: deliberate curves and contours that convey motion, and a clean, simplified design that produces refined elegance.

The next two points are more technical, but nonetheless exciting developments. The 2019 Mazda3 will be the first-ever production car to feature SKYACTIV-X Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition. We’ve written about this before, but it basically means there’s a higher concentration of gasoline vapor at the top of the cylinder than toward the piston. When that ignites, it compresses the rest of the air in the cylinder and then ignites it evenly. The result is on-demand power with fuel efficiency comparable to a diesel engine. What’s more, the 2019 Mazda3 will come available with iACTIVSENSE All-Wheel Drive.

We’ve rounded up some of what was released to the press after the unveiling last night and provided it for you below. Take a look at these excerpts and visit us if you’d like to discuss ordering your New 2019 Mazda3! Read the rest of this entry »

Borgman Congratulates Winner of Grand Rapids, MI City Of Tomorrow Challenge

November 21st, 2018

Ford and Grand Rapids Team Up Summer 2018 for the Ford Mobility Challenge - finding smart solutions to public transportation concerns
Earlier this year, Borgman Ford announced that Grand Rapids Michigan was selected for the Ford City of Tomorrow Challenge. Today we’re pleased to share the winner of the challenge: Kaizen Health. In the challenge, members of the community were asked to share ideas about how to solve mobility problems within the city. Entrants gave written proposals which were reviewed by other participants and a panel of expert judges, and the winner would be awarded a $100,000 prize to fund a pilot program.

Kaizen Health identified that many people in underserved communities cite transportation as a barrier to their medical care. Doctor visits and trips to the pharmacy can be difficult for the elderly, disabled, and other marginalized patient niches, so Kaizen Health recommended Grand Rapids adopt their patient-focused ridesharing program to remove these barriers and increase attendance. Read the rest of this entry »

Donate New Toys to Toys For Tots & Get Rewarded at Borgman Ford Mazda

November 16th, 2018


Give & Receive at Borgman Ford in Grand Rapids, MI

Spread some holiday cheer this season by visiting our showroom and donating to Toys For Tots! Simply bring in your new and unwrapped toys, and we will make sure they get delivered to children in need of hope during the holidays.

Collections for Christmas 2018 delivery begin November 16th and end December 17th. For every toy donated, we will give you a $10 OFF Oil Change Coupon. If you donate a toy on Black Friday (Nov. 23rd), we’ll give you a $25 OFF Oil Change Coupon! Donations will still be accepted through Christmas.

For years, Borgman Ford Mazda has been an official drop-off and pick-up location of Toys for Tots. We believe in this season of giving, it’s important to remember those in our community who are less fortunate. The Toys for Tots Foundation aims to instill hope and happiness during the holidays to economically disadvantaged children. By raising funds and collecting toys, the foundation stands as a nationally reached philanthropic effort that touches local communities everywhere. For more information, visit

Borgman How To: Two Great Winter Holiday Gift Ideas For West Michigan Vehicles

November 15th, 2018

The snow has finally arrived in Grand Rapids, and the Borgman Service Center is here to help keep you on the road all winter long. There are a few things a lot of West Michiganders do when winter arrives, such as change over to snow tires, check their emergency kits, and more.

This month, the Borgman Service Center is showcasing two other options available for the upcoming winter: professionally-installed rust protection, and smartphone-enabled remote start. These both make driving in our winter wonderland easier and are great gift ideas too! Read more about each below.

Rust & Corrosion Protection

Borgman Ford maintains a relationship with Great Lakes Chemical in Grand Rapids, MI. They are our trusted partner for professionally-applied treatments and coatings such as Diamon-Crystal for windshields, paint protectors, rust proofing, and more. Many of our customers choose one or more of their services when they buy a vehicle from us, but it’s not unheard of to have our service department handle it for you too.

During the winter your vehicle’s body panels, subframe, suspension components and more are exposed to rock salt and other ice-melting solutions. Road commissions use these to chemically melt ice on roadways, and completely necessary for ensuring they’re as safe as possible. Salt mixes with the water in the ice to lower the freezing point, but it also makes the water more conductive. This faster transfer ions is what accelerates rusting, and it’s even more pronounced in salt substitutes.  The underside of your vehicle gets the worst of it, and runaway rust can cause problems in your suspension, exhaust, and even brake lines! Frequently visiting the car wash can help, but adding an extra layer of protection to your vehicle will lock out salt water, stave off costly repairs, and dramatically extend the life of your vehicle.

The Borgman Service Center will be happy to handle the application of the latest in rust protection technology. We’ve teamed up with Great Lakes Chemical for this and other services. With their advanced process, there’s no need to drill holes into parts of your vehicle to apply the treatment, and it will not interfere with your manufacturer’s warranty. Using a specialized applicator, the technician will coat structural parts on the underside of your vehicle, as well as other areas that are prone to rust such as door sills. They will also “fog” the inside of your doors, quarter panels, trunk lid and seam, hood, and more. To for more information and a quote, visit the Borgman Service Center.

Remote Start Systems

Since the advent of fuel injection on the 90s and advances in motor oil, allowing your vehicle to warm up before driving it on cold mornings isn’t as necessary as it used to be. That being said, the jury is out on whether the extra emissions from idling outweigh the efficiency gains of a warm engine while you’re driving. At the very least, giving your vehicle about 5 minutes or so to warm up allows the climate control and defrosters to do their job, which makes you safer and more comfortable while driving.

There’s still the added inconvenience of waiting for the vehicle to warm up in the morning, after work, or while out and about during the winter. To make your experience with your Ford as convenient and enjoyable as possible, the Borgman Service Center offers Ford’s Remote Access kit and will be happy to install it on a compatible vehicle. This kit allows you to start your vehicle via your smartphone and includes other convenience features too, such as mobile alerts from the anti-theft system. To learn more and to see what solutions are available for your vehicle, visit the Borgman Service Center.

Quality Service & Upgrades For Your Vehicle in West Michigan

Whether you’re thinking of adding upgrades to someone’s vehicle as a holiday gift, or need a vehicle health checkup before winter hits, visit the Borgman Service Center in Grand Rapids, MI for affordable offers and unparalleled customer service. We’ll review which solutions are compatible with the intended vehicle and lay your options out for you, but will never pressure you to buy. If you need a pre-winter checkup, our trained technicians will carefully inspect your vehicle’s systems for cracked hoses, leaks, and other worn components – replacing them with the highest quality parts available at an affordable price. Visit our Service Center page and make your appointment online today. Come see why we’re the Best in the West!

Ford Donates New Ford Explorer to Help Pediatric Cancer Foundation

November 9th, 2018

While Borgman Ford is always interested in what Ford sends to SEMA and sharing the cool cars with West Michigan, but this year, we wanted to share this story that warmed our hearts. The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer, an organization created by two parents to honor their late son, received a brand-new 2019 Ford Explorer support their care programs.

There are a number of ways the organization supports kids undergoing treatment for cancer, both physically and mentally, and one of them is something called Diversion Therapy. This is exactly what it sounds like: planned activities to help take patients’ minds off of their circumstances. In this case, they were working on upgrading the Ford Explorer with a hoard of donated parts from aftermarket companies. This adventure-ready SUV was taken to SEMA this year and will be auctioned afterward – with the proceeds going toward survivor support programs. Read the rest of this entry »


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