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Borgman How To: Windshield Wipers & Treatments Compared for West Michigan

October 3rd, 2018

The Borgman Service Center is committed to serving all of your automotive needs. This includes ensuring your vehicle’s safety features are performing their absolute best.

Being able to see clearly through your windshield is pretty important, especially since rain, snow, and foggy mornings make driving conditions a little more dangerous. The problem is, it often isn’t something we think about until it becomes an issue.

There are two fairly simple and inexpensive approaches you can take to ensure maximum visibility during a West Michigan rain or snow storm. In this Borgman How To, we’ll be taking a look at high-quality wiper blades and windshield treatments, comparing them, and helping you determine which is right for you.

Choosing The Right Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades seem simple, but there are a few things to consider here, including the material the blade is made from and the construction of the assembly. Some wiper manufacturers will use natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or coated rubber on their blades. While there isn’t a huge difference in performance, synthetic rubbers like silicone will last much longer than natural rubber but will cost more. Blades coated with Teflon or graphite present a happy medium – costing somewhere in the middle while granting the benefits of silicone blades. Other blades might use a mix of natural and synthetic rubber too.

The construction of the blade assembly also plays a part. Lightweight frames will make your wiper motors happy, while clever designs will create downforce as air moves over them, which keeps them effective at high speeds. The frame also ensures that the pressure on the blade stays even across its full length – preventing streaks.

Choosing which wiper blade is best for you is purely a preference versus cost question. For example, Motorcraft makes three different types of wiper blades. One that’s an excellent all-season wiper blade, a more premium wiper blade with specialty coatings and wear indicators, and a wiper designed specifically for winter.

Diamon-Fusion Windshield Treatments

While having operational wiper blades on your vehicle is an absolute must, windshield treatments like Diamon-Fusion coating are elective. Whether or not you think they’re necessary is entirely your call. However, it’s worth noting here the major benefit of having your windshield coated: you’ll use your wipers less: especially during those “will it actually start raining or won’t it?” moments.

Droplets of water “stick” to your windshield because the surface of the glass isn’t perfectly smooth – at least not on a microscopic level. This texture gives the droplets a surface to hold on to in a sense, so what Diamon-Fusion does is help smooth these out. After treatment, raindrops bead up and roll right off the windshield while the vehicle is moving. This eliminates the need to constantly adjust your wiper interval during intermittent rain.

The coating is 100% transparent, improves windshield clarity, and is guaranteed to never yellow or blister. It guards against chips and haziness and helps reduce nighttime glare too. For more information, visit us and ask about Diamon-Fusion application and other services provided by our friends at Great Lakes Chemical.

Some will opt for the DIY approach with these treatments, and that’s fine. In our experience though, these often need to be reapplied every few weeks. The Diamon-Fusion treatment is much more permanent, and has the benefit of their proprietary formula and professional application.


Which Solution Is Best For West Michigan Drivers?

Determining which of the above solutions is best is based entirely on your preferences. Our job is to show you what’s available for your vehicle and help you make an informed decision. During the fall and going into winter, we generally feel that customers see more value in premium wiper blades than in the late spring and summer.

The tradeoff to consider with wipers is that inexpensive ones cost less to install, but will make more noise and wear more quickly. The more premium blades are quieter and will perform better for longer. Adding a windshield treatment will protect your windshield glass and help your blades last longer, but should be thought of as a supplement rather than a solution.

No matter what your automotive needs may be, the Borgman Service Center is here to help. Stop by for a visit or Schedule Your Next Appointment Online. We’ll listen to your needs, make sure all of your questions are answered, and help you make informed decisions about your vehicle. Come see why we’re the Best in the West!


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