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Explore The Rigorous Testing Process of New Mazda Vehicles

February 7th, 2018

Borgman Mazda prides itself on providing reliable, high-quality, and fun-to-drive New Mazda Vehicles in West Michigan. Mazda has always paid special attention to the driver experience, whether that means perking up a repetitive daily commute, spending less time at the repair shop, or creating a more luxurious driving experience with the right blend of noises being allowed in with the rest phased out. How they research, develop, and test these aspects of their vehicles is truly astounding.

This article from InsideMazda gives us a glimpse inside the testing facility just north of Hiroshima, Japan. You could call these tests cruel and unusual, with the prototypes being blasted with hurricane-force winds, damaging amounts of light, and extreme temperatures. In addition, engineers barrage a vehicle with a cocktail of radio waves test the mettle of the electronics. Here are some excerpts from the article:

The Wind Tunnel

Mazda made great strides in the refinement of the Mazda CX-5, and much of that comes down to time spent in the wind tunnel. Here, in the path of a 140 mph blast of air, the car’s aerodynamics were fine-tuned to improve high-speed stability, while increased insulation and improved window and door seals were developed to reduce wind noise and improve fuel efficiency by reducing air resistance.

“My job is to reduce the noise level caused by the wind,” says Takuya Fujita, an engineer working at the Thermal & Fluid Function Development grounds. “If we can create a silent, relaxing, sophisticated atmosphere, drivers will be able to focus more on the driving.”

Climate Testing Laboratory

At the flick of a switch, the sun appears. Row upon row of huge halogen bulbs turns night into day with a Death Valley intensity of light and an accompanying barrage of heat. In a matter of minutes, the temperature will reach 130°F and an array of endurance tests will begin on this Mazda MX-5.

During development, all new Mazdas spend up to 30 days in here, tested for performance and emissions in the most extreme conditions. Cars are driven at speeds of up to 124 mph on the rolling road or simply left under the lamps to examine the effects of heat soak. A matching chamber sits on the other side of the control room; this one a giant refrigerator that chills to -40°F ensuring that all temperature extremes are covered.

Anechoic Chamber

With Wi-Fi, cell phones, GPS, digital radio, and television all competing for space, our airwaves are a constant buzz of broadcasts on an increasing number of frequencies and wavelengths. Modern cars are packed with electronic systems—typically up to 100 computers—that need to be protected from potential malfunctions.

That’s where this striking anechoic chamber comes into play. Inside the huge space, insulated with carbon tubes and polystyrene, sealed off from the outside world, Mazda engineers bombard vehicles with radio waves—powered by a transmitter that’s more powerful than a national radio station. After testing here, all Mazdas are guaranteed to be totally safe from harmful electromagnetic waves, anywhere in the world.


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