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Three Exciting Things Mazda Brought To The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

November 9th, 2017


Borgman Mazda Excited For The Future of Cars in West Michigan

Borgman Mazda has been tuned-in to the coverage of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, and now that it’s wrapped up, we’re excited to share three exciting exhibits from Mazda with our fans in West Michigan. On display this year was a re-imagining of the Vision Coupe from the 2015 show, an all-new concept called the Mazda Kai, and more information on the upcoming SKYACTIV-X Engine. These will serve as the basis for Mazda’s next generation of vehicles, with elements of their designs making appearances throughout the lineup.

While auto shows in the United States and Europe focus more on “halo” cars and actual production vehicles, the Tokyo Motor Show is a bit different. It’s held once every two years and serves more as a platform for Japanese automakers to show off their concepts and visions for the future of transportation. For 2017, Mazda certainly brought their ‘A’ Game, but not in the same way as their competitors. Mazda remembered that people enjoy driving and respond to a well-executed design. The gentle rumble of the engine. The craftsmanship in the interiors. The feel of the seat and the view from the cockpit. This is where Mazda shone this year, and others somewhat missed the mark.

Below, we’ve gathered up some highlights of these three concepts from articles on InsideMazda. Take a look!

The Mazda Vision Coupe Returns


The VISION COUPE represents Mazda’s design vision for next-generation models; a more mature expression of KODO applies a Japanese aesthetic to achieve more elegant and premium styling. The exterior features a “one motion” form that exudes a sense of speed and the interior combines three-dimensional depth with a strong longitudinal axis to create a relaxed space that maintains a sense of speed.

Looking back through Mazda’s design history, the starting point for “Mazda elegance” is perhaps represented by the 1960 Mazda R360 and the 1969 Mazda Luce rotary coupe. In an age preoccupied with the notion of efficiency, the focus of these models was on creating beautiful proportions. Though the playful allure of these cars ran counter to the general trends of this period, this style was ultimately to become the origins of the “Mazda elegance” of today.

The Mazda VISION COUPE is a next-generation design vision model which showcases the “new elegance” that Mazda has developed, drawing upon their long history of design. The name of the car—“COUPE”—gives a hint of where this special “Mazda elegance” originally came from.

Introducing the Mazda Kai Concept


The Mazda KAI CONCEPT compact hatchback heralds a new generation of Mazda cars. Featuring the next-generation SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine, SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture and a more mature expression of the KODO design language, the model embodies the technology, engineering and design concepts that will define the next generation of Mazda cars. Refinements in all areas of dynamic performance have produced a dramatically quieter, more comfortable ride and an enhanced performance feel. The KAI CONCEPT features muscular, solid proportions and its form is brought to life by a delicate flow of reflections over the body sides.

More Details on the SKYACTIV-X Engine

We already covered the new SKYACTIV-X Engine and how it works in an article here, but Mazda took some time to discuss this project during their presentation. Here’s an excerpt from a related article:

The SKYACTIV-X is a groundbreaking new engine exclusive to Mazda in which the benefits of a spark-ignition gasoline engine—expansiveness at high rpms and cleaner exhaust emissions—have been combined with those of a compression-ignition diesel engine—superior initial response and fuel economy—to produce a crossover engine that delivers the best of both worlds. Coming after Mazda’s SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine and SKYACTIV-D diesel engine, this third SKYACTIV engine has been given the new name of “X” in recognition of this dual role.

“At Mazda, we believe that there is still ample room for further evolution of the internal combustion engine and that this technology has the potential to contribute in a major way to conservation of our global environment. Based on Mazda’s corporate vision of protecting our beautiful planet while enriching people’s lives through the ‘joy of driving,’ we plan to continue on our ceaseless quest to develop the ideal combustion engine.”

You can read the full, in-depth article about the presentation here.

For complete coverage on Mazda and their exhibits at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show, head over to

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Are you as excited about the future of Mazda vehicles as we are? Between the bold new design language of the VISION COUPE and the Mazda Kai, the next generation of Mazda vehicles is sure to impress and keep the thrill of driving alive with the spirited and efficient SKYACTIV-X Engine.

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