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They Don’t Call It ‘Super’ for Nothing

June 28th, 2010

The new 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty is fitting in so well on the job that it’s being asked to stick around longer. Based on customer requests, Ford is extending its unprecedented F-Series Super Duty fieldwork evaluation program through the end of 2010 to select extreme-duty commercial customers. That means these preproduction Super Duty models will have earned their keep for a full year in some of the toughest work environments around.

Here’s what the severe-duty users are saying about the new Super Duty:

“The 2011 Super Duty is a big key to boosting productivity because we can use it to get to locations not easily accessible and get equipment repaired. We definitely have it loaded down, but the fuel mileage has been excellent – about a 20 to 25 percent improvement in highway situations over the truck it replaced.”

– George White, equipment manager of Reynolds Asphalt
& Construction Co. of Euless, Texas

“This truck has a lot more power and better mileage. The throttle response and acceleration are outstanding. We’re glad to have it during this upcoming busy season.”

– Richard Webb, equipment and construction manager
for TexOp Construction of Roanoke, Texas

“In our business, we need a truck that delivers outstanding fuel economy on the highway and also is capable of tackling the wetlands, swamps and ditches. Our Super Duty pickups have been outstanding meeting those needs.”

– Ray Haering, acquisition specialist for Florida Power & Light Company

“The towing capability of the new Super Duty has been put to the test by both a 9,000-pound long-bed trailer that tows a 26-foot boat that aids in service efforts and an enclosed box trailer. With the power, torque and off-the-line performance, with the revs so low, it’s like there’s nothing back there – it’s that easy.”

– Joe Heatherly, driver for Florida Power & Light Company


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