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Mazda & the environment: bio-plastic injection-mold parts coming in 2013

June 15th, 2010

Today, various automobile parts are made from plastics, which are reliant on the supply of petroleum. There is a need to find new materials for these parts so we can promote a post-petroleum era and reduce CO2 emissions. All of Mazda’s biomaterials fall under the Mazda Biotechmaterial brand name. Leveraging the latest biotechnologies, Mazda is dedicated to continuing its research and development of plant-derived materials for automobile parts. Joint research by industry, academia and the Japanese government has successfully produced the automobile industry’s first plant-derived bioplastic, which can be injection-molded to ensure thermal and shock resistance and a beautiful finish.

Currently, we are aiming to develop a new bioplastic from non-food-based cellulosic biomass and have it ready for use in vehicles by 2013. In collaboration with two local companies, we have also developed the world’s first 100 percent plant-derived biofabric, which is well suited for automobile seat covers.


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