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How to Get Soy Foam at No Extra Charge

June 28th, 2010

Isn’t it annoying when coffee shops charge more for soy in place of milk? It’s like they’re penalizing you for being lactose intolerant or wanting a heart-healthy alternative.

Unlike certain coffee shops, Ford Motor Company doesn’t charge extra for soy foam. Naturally, we’re talking a different kind of soy foam than the kind you get on your fancy coffee drink, but it’s still a healthy alternative to traditional seat foam, which is made from petroleum.

Later this year, the 2011 Ford Explorer will feature soy foam in seat cushions and seatbacks. The bio-based polyurethane foam will be one of the new, eco-friendly features in the Ford Explorer which goes in to production later this year.

The addition of soy foam in the Explorer expands Ford’s commitment to using more sustainable materials in all its vehicles. By year’s end, nearly 100 percent of Ford’s North American vehicle lineup will feature the eco-friendly material.

Soy foam has helped Ford reduce its annual petroleum oil usage by more than 3 million pounds, and is up to 24 percent more renewable than petroleum-based foam. The use of soy foam also has helped Ford reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 11 million pounds as the biomaterial provides a 67 percent reduction in volatile organic compounds emissions.

Learn more about Ford’s use of soy foam and other renewable, recycled and recyclable materials.


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