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Ford Invites you to Swap Your Ride

April 1st, 2010

Try it, you’ll like it!

Borgman Ford is excited to bring back the Swap Your Ride Ford campaign in April and May 2010. Ford first began its bold experiment in 2007, when it invited consumers to “swap their ride” and get behind the wheel of one of its award-winning Blue Oval products. The integrated marketing campaign chronicled the experiences of competitive-make vehicle owners from around North America as they evaluated Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and CUVs. The ads, which take their inspiration from the reality TV phenomenon, feature candid feedback from people who thought they were test-driving vehicles for market research.

“When consumers experience a new Ford vehicle for themselves – especially when they haven’t driven one of our products lately – it’s almost always an eye-opening experience,” said John Borgman, owner of Borgman Ford. “The thing I love about this campaign is that real people tell this story in their own words.”


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Michigan law prohibits the use of a vehicle for commercial purposes while on a dealer tag. Customers must exercise judgment when on an extended test drive in order to comply with Michigan law — for example, towing loads to a jobsite would be an example of prohibited use. Participants agree to the following:

1. At the conclusion of the test drive, customer agrees to complete a customer evaluation form specific to the vehicle test driven. Borgman Ford may publish this evaluation online.

2. Only those with a valid driver’s license in good standing who are over the age of 25 may drive the vehicle.

3. Loss, damage or accidents must be reported promptly. Any citations received are the responsibility of the customer.

4. While the vehicle is in the customer’s possession, it is agreed that their insurance is primary. All claims for loss, damage, theft, etc. must be reported to the dealership proptly. The customer will provide valid, current insurance details at the time of the swap.

5. Customer agrees to return the vehicle at the conclusion of the test drive, subject to normal wear and tear.

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